"I know a place that can fix that."

AMA Certified

We are the ONLY AMA-Approved Inspection & Repair Facility in North Edmonton!

Heavy Duty Repair

We have an extensive knowledge for diagnosing and repairing Heavy Duty Diesel Engines. We know which parts will go bad, when they do, and what to look for.

European Vehicles

"If you can fix those European cars, you can fix anything!" 

We're proud to have a European Specialist Technician on our team to give your Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes etc. the attention to detail it requires.

Factory Software

We have Factory Software Programs for all of the major auto-makers (Chrysler/GMC/Land Rover/etc) and can recalibrate systems that are typically "dealer only."

Synthetic Servicing

Get your oil changed by licensed professionals with high quality materials, for LESS than the 'Drive-in' shops!



STOP paying more than you have to for brakes! Scroll through our brake job catalogue to see what Edmontonians are paying for their brake jobs with us!


Not getting the gas mileage you once were? Your vehicle might need a little TLC...Spark Plugs, Fuel System Cleanings, we'll get everything working the way it should be!


We've got the latest Alignment Equipment with Laser-fed Sensors to ensure incredible precision for all vehicle types. 

Fixing it right, the first time.